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3 ingredients to the recipe for quality outdoor living for a South Miami Backyard

3 ingredients to the recipe for quality outdoor living for a South Miami Backyard

A South Miami patio or backyard without shade is like a meal without flavor: It may cook all day, but nobody is going to savor it.

So add some cooling shade that flavors your outdoor life with comfort.

What would Venetian Builders suggest? Here are the three ingredients to the recipe for quality outdoor living:

  • Pergolas, which mix shade and sun
  • Gazebos, which provide a shaded personal retreat just steps from your backdoor
  • Retractable Awnings, which give you total control over patio and deck shade

Shade structures moderate the South Florida sun on Patios and pool decks. With shade from a Pergola or Retractable Awning, you – and your children or grandchildren – will spend more time outside. And a Gazebo will make a little-used backyard a shady oasis.


Pergolas cool with Shade and Natural Airflow

A Pergola has a canopy that casts a shadow to cool the surfaces beneath it. Because a Pergola has an open design – rafters are mounted across strong horizontal beams – the canopy encourages air movement, helping to cool you.

Rafters can be spaced closer for denser shade and farther apart for less shade and more sun, allowing placement of a Pergola over any surface.

Placement over gardens is possible because rain and light get through. But you can get solid shade or shelter from rain with a Pergola by opting for Retractable Patio Roofing. This canvas cover rolls out whenever you need it.

The Wooden Pergola, a centuries-old tradition, requires maintenance, but not much: We coat our Wooden Pergolas with durable high-tech paints that seal out the weather. Wood Pergolas have a natural grain.

An Aluminum Pergola needs no maintenance. Framing on an Aluminum Pergola comes prefinished to last for decades. And Aluminum Pergolas do not decay or rust. Choose Aluminum framing that is smooth or embossed with a faux grain.


Gazebos Create Backyard Islands of Relaxation

A Gazebo is a small house-like structure with a roof and open sides instead of walls. Sides can be screened to add protection from mosquitoes.

If you have one of South Miami’s many heavily shaded lots, you can place your Gazebo among the trees. But even in the open, Gazebos have roofs for shade.

Wood Gazebos have wood roofs. Aluminum Gazebos have insulated aluminum roofs, which discourage heat infiltration.

Aluminum Gazebos are maintenance-free. Aluminum Gazebos need no repainting and shun the weather.

Gazebos can be sized for a couple or for family and guests.


Retractable Awnings Give You Shade Whenever You Want

At your command, Retractable Awnings shade your patio – or part of it, leaving some surface exposed to sunlight. Select from economical Manual Retractable Awnings, which operate easily using a hand crank, or Motorized Remote Control Awnings, which require only the press of a button.

Want to return to sun? Just retract your Canvas Awning and you’ll be exposed to direct sunlight in minutes.

Ventilation is plentiful because your patio remains open on the sides when the Awning is extended. Choose protection from sun and/or rain. And pick from over 190 colors, unlimited widths, and projections topping 23 feet.


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