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Bring the Royal, to Royal Palm Beach with a Sunroom!

Bring the Royal, to Royal Palm Beach with a Sunroom!

Close your eyes & imagine adding a living space that is as bright as your backyard, but fully sheltered and completely comfortable, regardless of soaring outdoor temperatures.

What you’re thinking about, is a beautiful Sunroom. Sunrooms adds real enclosed living space with all the amenities you want:

  • Abundant light
  • Quiet and efficient climate control
  • Insulation from the heat and outdoor noises
  • Leak-proof insulated roofing system, even when equipped with skylight panels
  • Volume ceilings
  • Rich woodwork and cabinetry
  • Ceiling fans and ceiling lights
  • Ample electrical outlets and electronics cabling
  • Wall, ceiling and floor finishes that match those of your home

It’s crucial to ensure your designer makes your Sunroom blend with your home’s lines and proportions. Roof pitch, roof covering and window sizes are often overlooked factors when novice designers create plans. Personally at Venetian, we focus on creating not only a functional plan for your purpose, but a beautiful one to fit your needs and with appropriate interior light.

With a well-designed Solarium, you’ll feel surrounded by nature, with engaging views of your garden, backyard and nearby features, such as ponds or canals. Your Sun Room Addition can be designed for almost any purpose: living room, dining room, entertainment center, bedroom, office, theater, gym, library and the list goes on.


Glass Options Range from Highly Affordable to Stunningly Strong

Acrylic Window Sunrooms turn a patio into interior space at prices for small budgets. The windows in an Acrylic Window Sun Room open to screens in fair weather and seal tight when you use the HVAC unit for cooling or heating. Acrylic Window Sunrooms resist storm damage when the windows are removed before major storms. Removal also facilitates cleaning.

Impact Glass Sunrooms have strength that only a solid wall can outdo. In an Impact Glass Sunroom, panes resist damage from airborne items, even during hurricanes. Impact Glass Sun Rooms use safety glass sandwiching a layer of plastic. If the windows break, the glass is held in place by the plastic and breaks into small pieces, not dangerous shards.

Other choices include Tempered Glass, which is reduced to pebbles if broken; Double Pane, which excels at keeping out heat and cold; and Low-E, or low-emissivity, which reflects heat back to the outdoors to reduce interior cooling loads.


Window and Door Types To Suit Your Tastes

Make sure to get windows that open to screens or remain in place. They can copy the style of windows in your home, or to make a statement; choose from smaller sizes for less light, or virtual glass walls for extravagant natural lighting.

Doors can tie into the style in your original home. Or you can go with double doors for greater access.


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