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Our Construction Process & Florida’s Building Code

Construction Process

Design and Price:

Your new Sunroom Addition begins with our designer coming to your home to review your needs and project ideas and take pictures of your home and the space to be used for your new Addition. We take this information and produce a complete estimate of the costs involved and a computer rendering of exactly what the room will look like when completed. This allows you to see the room before the first beam is put in place so you know exactly what you are getting from day one.

Permitting and Engineering:

Once the price and design have been agreed upon, our structural engineer “builds” the project in our sesign software and reviews it to be sure the design complies with the Florida building code. This process insures the room is built to withstand hurricane force winds along with the rigors of our harsh Florida weather. Once this process is completed, we submit the design to the local building authority who reviews it and issues us a building permit.

The Build:

With approved design and permit in hand, our production department orders your materials and completes any pre fab work necessary in our warehouse. We then arrive at your home and begin the process of building your new sunroom addition. Building a Sunroom Addition in Florida is similar to building a home. We first frame the structure using structural grade aluminum beams. Next the roof is installed. Windows, Doors, and Fixed Glass Paneling follow to complete the exterior structure of the room. The interior of your Sunroom is finished with Drywall, Texture, Lights, Fans and any other accessories chosen during the design process.


Upon completion of the build process, we walk you through the room and its components to insure you are completely satisfied with the project. After the city inspectors have signed off on the permit, your new Sunroom is ready for you and your family to enjoy!

Florida’s Building Code

Florida building code flood debris mapWhat does the Building Code have to do with Sunrooms, Florida Rooms, and Solariums in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the Palm Beaches?

If you live in Florida, you undoubtedly have experience with our wild weather. In fact, Florida has some of the most violent weather anywhere in the world. Between the Humidity, Rain, and Hurricanes, anything built in Florida has to be built tough to stand up to the harsh environment.

Because of our often troublesome weather, the Florida Building Code has been continually updated and upgraded to respond to the threat of Hurricanes, In fact, Florida now has the most rigid building code in the country. Depending on where you live, any structure a contractor builds has to be able to withstand wind speeds of up to 150 MPH. Floridian Patio Products employs some of the most experienced and respected engineers in Florida to design our projects to not only meet but frequently exceed the building code requirements.

Every structure we build is designed to stand up to a major hurricane, does that mean they are guaranteed not to fall or be damaged? No, nobody can guarantee anything in a hurricane, what is does mean is that your project has been engineered and built to not only the highest building code, but the highest level of strength and quality available to Florida homeowners.

What does that mean to your Sunroom, Florida Room, or Solarium? Thick-walled aluminum extrusions in the walls and roof, 3” insulated laminated aluminum roofing material and heavy gauge C channels to connect to your home. Tempered or Impact Rated glass to protect your belongings in a storm. Floridian Patio Products uses all stainless steel hardware to anchor your new Sunroom, Florida Room or Solarium to the deck, we use larger than required screws to keep the joints throughout the structure strong in the face of high winds. Don’t trust your Sunroom, Florida Room, Screen Room, or Glass Solarium to just anyone, call the experts…

Built for Strength…

One of our major concerns in Florida is the constant threat of Hurricanes. Floridian Patio Products recognizes this fact and builds to meet and often exceed the Florida Building Code. Each and every Sunroom, Florida Room, or Solarium we build is made from only the strongest available aluminum alloy extrusions. We use Stainless steel fasteners everywhere possible and oversized bolts at all joints.

Every Floridian Patio Products Sunroom is engineered for strength by Tarnowski Engineering, one of Florida’s most respected structural engineers. This ensures your project is approved by the City Building department and meets or exceeds Florida’s Building Code for Aluminum Construction in high wind zones.

Every Floridian Patio Products Sunroom can be built with hurricane resistant impact glass. This means that your new sunroom or Florida room can stand up to high winds and flying debris. Your new Sunroom can even be built with thermal glass to keep the heat out in summer and the cold out in winter.

Your new Floridian Patio Products Sunroom looks like a part of your home, not some simple add-on room, we use systems that have no exposed fasteners and rounded edges to give your new Sunroom a finished, cohesive feeling.

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