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Lattices Make Patios, Decks Cool and Airy for Homeowners in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach County


If you want shade and air movement while getting some fresh air in the South Florida heat, what you need is a Shade Lattice from Floridian Patio Products Screen and Sunroom. Floridian Patio Products builds Lattices in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County, and in the Keys.

The open canopy on a Lattice combines shade and sun – how much of each is up to you. We’ll design a Lattice that meets your needs. The open design also encourages natural ventilation. Between the shade and the air movement of a Lattice Pergola, you’ll feel cooler for whatever you might be doing: reading, checking your emails on a tablet, just lounging by the pool.

We offer three kinds of Trellis:

  • Wood Lattice, made low-maintenance by high-tech coatings that protect the surface from moisture
  • Aluminum Lattice, which is no-maintenance because it never rusts and comes factory-finished
  • Vinyl Lattice, maintenance-free because it is colored to the core

Shade Trellises Work over Any Surface

There’s no solid roof on a Shade Lattice. Where plywood or aluminum panels would be, a Lattice has open space. In addition to encouraging airflow, those open spaces allow some degree of sunlight to reach the surface you’re shading. That means a Lattice will work not only over a paved surface, including your patio or pool deck, but even over planted areas.

On a patio, the extra light is great for crafts and reading. And on a pool deck, you’ll appreciate that little bit of sun after taking a swim. For shade over planted areas, a Lattice is ideal. A lawn for lounging, a garden path or the garden itself can be covered by a Lattice for partial shade. (Just think: Wouldn’t it be nice to weed your garden without unhindered sun on your back?) Plant life beneath a lattice gets enough sun and rain to do quite well, thank you.

If the thought of rain on your patio gives you pause, consider this: We can give you occasional solid shade and shelter from rain with Retractable Patio Roofing. It installs neatly over your Shade Trellis to open for a solid canvas cover only when you want it. In a moment, it’s retracted and back out of the way.

We can also combine a Lattice with a solid roof, even giving the whole unit a unifying design.

Custom Design Makes a Shade Lattice Yours

Shade Lattices don’t all look alike. Even no-maintenance aluminum and wood rafters, like traditional wood rafters, can have scalloped ends. In fact, you can choose from four beam and rafter end shapes. We’ll custom-design your Lattice to fit the area you want to shade. Geometric shapes of the canopy can conform to almost any shape patio or deck, whether it’s rectangular, square, triangular or oval. And those pool decks with the wavy shapes at the edge of the pool? We can even conform to them – perfectly.

Shade Lattices Have the Strength You Need

If a Shade Trellis looks fragile, don’t be fooled. Like all builders, we have wind standards to meet. Unlike most builders, we exceed them. We also do our best to prevent corrosion and decay. Aluminum Lattices and Vinyl Lattices don’t rust – ever. And yet, for the environmentally responsible homeowner, it’s good to know that both materials are highly recyclable. Aluminum canopies are factory-coated so there’s no peeling, bubbling or chalking of the surface. Vinyl Lattices never need repainting – there is no paint. Vinyl framing members have solid pigmentation. Vinyl has proven itself in the housing industry. It doesn’t warp, crack or noticeably fade. Wood Lattices are sealed with vinyl-based paint that expands and contracts with temperature changes. The coating keeps moisture away from the wood, so the wood doesn’t check or rot. Modern paint lasts years before needing to be recoated.

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