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Aluminum Patio Covers Are Strong, Attractive, Effective Against Insects, the Elements

You want fresh air. You don’t want blistering sun and annoying insects. Here’s what you need: an Aluminum Patio Cover from Floridian Patio Products.

Do the things you love to do now on your patio, but do them out of the hot sun: grill, dine out, relax, socialize, call your sister in Peoria. With the heat gone, you and your significant other may even want to squeeze in a little cuddling.

Your children or grandkids will love being able to play outside without getting burned. And because they’ll be inside an enclosure, they’ll be safe from intruders.

With a no-maintenance Aluminum Patio Cover, you’ll be outdoors and protected – at the same time – because you’ll have:

  • Protective screen. Insects, gulls and other flying nuisances won’t bother you. Neither will crawling pests or stray golf balls. The mesh on the sides of your Aluminum Patio Cover will keep out even the tiniest NoSeeums.
  • Cool shade. An insulated aluminum roofing system will keep out direct rays of the sun and even prevent radiation of the sun’s heat. If you still want a sun-bright patio, without the heat, opt for giant skylight panels that are insulated from heat and engineered for no leaks. We can cover your roof with any of a variety of roofing materials, even matching what’s on your home.
  • The breeze. Live by the ocean? That offshore breeze you treasure will still be yours to enjoy through the screen.
  • Strong framing. Our framing uses pre-finished aluminum extrusions that have thicker walls but have the same external dimensions as lesser framing. That means three things: Your Aluminum Patio Cover from Floridian Patio Products will stand up better to hurricanes. You’ll still be able to see the things you see now – the countryside, the ocean or a pond, the flowers, the kids in the yard or pool. And your new Patio Cover will be virtually no maintenance.

Options abound. Want to keep the sun while getting rid of the bugs? Have us install screen overhead, too, with a canvas cover that blocks sun or rain at the press of a button, then retracts to let you catch some rays. Optional ceiling lights will let you use your deck after sundown. Ceiling fans will stir the air when there is no breeze. You can even have outdoor speakers for music.

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