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Gazebos Are the Patio Cover that Creates a Private Retreat

If only you could just take off, blocking out the helter-skelter of everyday life and getting that mini-getaway you really need. Just an hour or two in cool, shaded comfort would be heaven.

You won’t need a private jet or even a car to reach your mini-vacation spot – a place where you can forget it all and totally relax. You just need a Gazebo from Floridian Patio Products. It may not be a private island, but it will be an island of privacy. And it will be just steps from your back door.

Exaggeration? Not in the least. What a Gazebo from Floridian Patio Products does is turn a hot patio into an attractive, covered relaxation space that you can enjoy at a moment’s notice. A Gazebo supplies instant gratification at a price within reach.

Gazebos are great for enjoyment by one person, by couples, or by groups if sized for it – even a whole family or guests. What will you do in your special space? Just sit back with a cup of coffee or a cold after-work drink? Re-read a favorite book? Share conversation with your better half? You can do whatever you want because we’ll custom-design and size your Gazebo for whatever purpose you plan.

We deliver two kinds of Gazebos:

  • Aluminum Gazebos, which need no maintenance
  • Wood Gazebos, which involve minimal upkeep

You’ll be under roof, sheltered from the sun and the rain. Nestle your Gazebo among trees, beside the garden or with a view of the ocean, a pond or a golf course. If you don’t have a patio to convert, we can install a patio for you. Aluminum Gazebos use insulated aluminum roof panels that block the heat, not just the sun’s rays.

You’ll be cool in the shade but you’ll retain all the sensual pleasures of being outdoors. Your Gazebo, in whatever geometric shape you choose for it, will have sides open to the breeze. If you want to keep bugs away we can add screen. You’ll escape bites and stings. You’ll still see the things you enjoy now from an open patio – but without the sweltering sun or annoying pests.

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Serving all South Florida Communities, including Homestead, Miami-Dade, Broward, the Palm Beaches and Port Saint Lucie.

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