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Patio Roofing Makes an Affordable Patio Cover that Offers Shade and Comfort

For most of us, a shelter is what we think about when we’re indoors. But what about the outdoors, a major part of the South Florida lifestyle? How often do you wish for shelter – from the unforgiving sun, from unpredictable rain – when on your patio or pool deck?

Patio Roofing from Floridian Patio Products gives you all the outdoor shelter you need. This is a Patio Cover that’s big in function but small in cost. It cools with shade, yet leaves you feeling very much a part of nature because it needs no solid walls, just vertical posts that leave the sides open.

Insulated Patio Roofing keeps you refreshed by:

  • Keeping the sun off you. You won’t feel drained as you do the little things that make an outdoor living so enjoyable. You’ll cook and dine in the shade. You’ll entertain neighbors and friends out of the heat. Reading will be more pleasant without having to squint through direct sunlight. And your kids won’t burn under harmful UV rays.
  • Preventing heat swell. An insulated Patio Roof prevents heat from radiating onto you and the patio surface. Concrete can store a lot of heat, and that heat can radiate even after the sun sets. With Patio Roofing, the patio surface will stay barefoot cool. You’ll like that.
  • Shedding the rain. You’ve lived this scenario: Dinner is grilled, the table is set, and boom! A surprise shower sends you and your guests hustling inside for shelter. With Patio Roofing, you’re free to plan your day without reservation. You’ll hear the patter of raindrops overhead, but you’ll never feel them.
  • Creating a gentle breeze. No, we can’t change the weather. But ceiling fans, powered by cables hidden safely inside your Patio Roof panels, will move just enough air for comfort.
  • Keeping your patio bright. Retain a bright patio, but not the heat, with optional giant skylight panels. Part of an integrated, insulated roof system, our skylights keep out direct rays, heat, and rain. We can also install ceiling lights.

Your Patio Roofing also will match your home. Floridian Patio Products will custom-design a Patio Roof that looks like a part of your home, not an add-on.

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Serving all South Florida Communities, including Homestead, Miami-Dade, Broward, the Palm Beaches and Port Saint Lucie.

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