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With a Patio Room, the Bugs Won’t Join Your Party

Open patios in South Florida are an open invitation to bugs. With a Patio Room from Floridian Patio Products, you can leave insects off the guest list.

Imagine outdoor festivities with no bites, no stings, and no swatting. It is possible – with an affordable, custom-designed Patio Room by Floridian Patio Products.

In the South Florida climate, Patio Rooms are more than 3-season rooms. They’re usable virtually year-round. You’ll get more real living space for your home at a price that’s far lower than what you would pay for fully enclosed, climate-controlled space. If you think a fully enclosed room might be in your future, we can engineer your Patio Room to convert later to a Sunroom.

Patio Rooms provide ideal outdoor shelter by:

  • Keeping insects away. Strong but good-looking aluminum framing holds screens to keep out even minuscule bugs, including pesky NoSeeums. No longer will you have to pay the price of outdoor revelry with unsightly welts and days of itching and scratching. You won’t have to slather on bug repellent before you venture outside, either.
  • Blocking the sun and its heat. You’ll stay cool under an insulated roof system. It will keep out direct sunlight and the heat that comes with it. We can add ceiling fans to further cool you, and ceiling lights to extend use after sundown. Afraid your Patio Room will be too dark? Let us add skylight panels that are insulated against heat transfer and designed to keep out the rain. Our skylight panels are so well-engineered they meet code.
  • Letting you experience nature. You’ll still enjoy your favorite views because of our framing, although it’s made with heavier-gauge aluminum than code requires, is unobtrusive. Our mesh lets you see out but lets the breeze in, along with garden fragrances and salt air.

You won’t have to settle for the run-of-the-mill style. Each Patio Room we install is designed especially to fit the individual customer’s home and lifestyle needs. Home proportion, roof pitch, and roof covering can be complemented by our designers, so you’ll get a Patio Room that looks right, no matter the size or shape of your house. We can ensure that your Patio Room will fit with the tenor of your neighborhood, too.

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Serving all South Florida Communities, including Homestead, Miami-Dade, Broward, the Palm Beaches and Port Saint Lucie.

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