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Patio Screens Are the Patio Covers that Defeat Insects

In the war against bugs outside South Florida homes, Patio Screens from Venetian Builders are the weapon of choice. The bugs just can’t win when a patio is surrounded by our protective mesh. And you can’t lose.

Say goodbye to chemical warfare: no more sprays or lotions to keep bugs from having you for dinner. You’ll step right from your house to the protection of your Patio Screen. You can also say goodbye to hand-to-wing combat. You’ll be able to sit and relax – with a drink, a snack or a full dinner done on the grill – without the need to smack at mosquitoes and flies. Even tiny NoSeeums will be on the other side of the Patio Screen.

Your no-maintenance enclosed patio will be far more comfortable than your patio was when exposed to insects, the sun and rain.

Patio Screens from Venetian are supported by state-of-the-art aluminum framing systems. We use framing members made from extra-heavy aluminum. They look like other framing, but each post and rail has thicker walls for better resistance to high winds, including hurricanes.

Overhead, an insulated roofing system will lower temperatures with full shade and the ability to block radiating heat from the sun. With a roof, you’ll never again worry about interruptions from rain. Just stay where you are: The roof will take care of you.

If you prefer a sunny patio but without the bugs, we can place mesh overhead as well as on the sides of your Patio Screen. You can also go for a Retractable Patio Roof that extends to shade you and block rain, then retracts to let you take in the sun.

Choose from other options to make your Patio Screen personal: ceiling fans to cool you, ceiling lights to make your patio more usable after dark, and skylight panels that are insulated against heat transfer, engineered against leaks and designed to let in lots of indirect light.

Don’t fret that a Patio Screen might reduce your favorite views. It won’t. Our framing is not wider than lesser designs, only stronger. And our mesh lets you see clearly beyond your patio.

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Serving all South Florida Communities, including Homestead, Miami-Dade, Broward, the Palm Beaches and Port Saint Lucie.

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