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Get More Space with a Luxurious Tamarac Sunroom, Patio Cover or Screen Enclosure from Floridian Patio Products, Inc.

Whichever neighborhood among the scores in Tamarac is home to your family will never slow your quest for more living space.

Floridian Patio Products, Inc., is well-equipped to handle installation of aluminum-frame room additions in Tamarac, whether you’re looking for more indoor space or an outdoor room. Our experts are adept at handling not only municipal permitting but also homeowners association approvals for a luxurious new Tamarac sunroom, patio cover or screen enclosure, including swimming pool domes.

Our custom design capabilities help us tailor a project to permitting requirements while still meeting your needs, lifestyle, home, and neighborhood.

And we build with quality. Our work meets or exceeds code, and we’re experienced at surpassing the strict requirements for high-wind areas, such as along bodies of water, golf courses, and parks.

High Tech, Low-Cost Solutions for Your Living Space Needs

Because of the technologies involved and the requirements of the code, our aluminum structures go up faster than buildings constructed by traditional methods. And aluminum spaces always cost less than comparable spaces constructed by traditional means.

That means you get into your new indoor or outdoor room faster than you expected and at a lower cost than you had hoped for.

Get the look you want. Our designers and craftsmen can make any new space blend with your existing home. Choose from roofing, ceiling, window, door, flooring, wall, woodwork and cabinetry options. And be assured that you’ll have ample power and connectivity for today’s electronic necessities and luxuries.

Sunrooms Add Fully Functional Indoor Space With Outdoor Flourishes

Interior space doesn’t need to be dark and dingy. Solarium additions are bright and airy, with available touches such as volume ceilings, ample windows, and giant skylights.

A Florida room can fill any need you have:

  • Living room, dining room or family room
  • Home theater
  • Computer room
  • Music room
  • Recreation space
  • Entertainment center for guests
  • Extra bedroom or guest room
  • Home office, library, study or den
  • Children’s play space
  • Teens’ chill space
  • Accommodations for still-at-home young adults or snowbird parents

Patio Covers Add Life and Luxury to an Underused Space While Keeping Users in Touch with the Outdoors

Patio covers shelter users from insects and the elements, but they embrace the outdoors.

Choose from a wide array of patio solutions:

  • Patio Roof: Keep out rain and the sun’s direct rays but remain outdoors. Add insulation to shed heat and guide cables to power ceiling fans.
  • Screen Room. Patio screens create outdoor rooms that protect patio users from bugs and other pests and discourage intruders if children are at play. Add fans to aid ventilation and lights to extend evening use.
  • Insulated Patio Room. Think of it as a screened outdoor room with windows, full insulation, power and climate control. Open the windows to bring the outdoors in. Close them for weather tight living space.
  • Convertible Space. For now it’s a screened patio. When your budget permits, add windows to an aluminum frame engineered to handle the weight.
  • Pergola and Lattice. Aluminum pergolas add patio shade. Aluminum lattice adds patio privacy. Both are low-maintenance despite their wood appearance.

Pool Screens Add Enjoyment to Swimming and Sunbathing

Swimming pool screens increase the hours their owners use the pool and pool deck.

With a screen enclosure, you’ll keep out:

  • Natural pests, including insects and birds
  • Plant debris
  • Errant golf balls
  • Unattended children lured by the water

Heavier-gauge aluminum frames add strength while retaining the elegant lines of a pool dome. They combine with well-engineered gussets, anchors, stainless steel fasteners and braces to stand up to hurricanes.

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